Learning Management Solution
For Next-Gen Online Teaching And Learning

Seamlessly combining a global ecosystem of applications, resources, and peer communities, to deliver a personalized learning experience that supports every individual’s unique pathway and potential

Easy to use

The solution will drive adoption across your organization through intuitive navigation and tools. With drag-and-drop functionality, mobile access, and accessibility at the core of the solution, this solution enables greater productivity.


Expect an open platform that supports your preferred delivery and teaching approaches and offers your learners the personalization they need to be successful.

Smart Data

With interactive visualizations and built-in reports you can make informed decisions on how best to support learner success. With in-the-moment class and user progress reports, instructors and learners can see achievements and challenges as they occur, and smart tools help instructors intervene quickly and in manageable ways for large classes.


Dedicated to facilitating long term associations, the solution provides a wide range of opportunities for collaboration, connection, sharing, and social learning. The system enables communication and connection through integrated learning tools that provide communication experiences that promote an engaging, social, and collaborative usage environment

Design, Develop and Deliver Courses

In addition to the delivery of rich content, the comprehensive and easy-to-use toolset offered provides clients with everything they need to design, develop, and deliver quality courses. Extensive functionality enables users to easily incorporate instructional design and select the best practices to align assessments and learning experiences with the course objectives.

Comprehensive Assessment Tools

The system includes a suite of measurement and assessment tools to evaluate outcomes and perform formative and summative evaluations of the effectiveness of instructional programs. The tools enabling assessment activities are as follows: the Dropbox tool (with deep Turnitin® integration), the Discussions tool, the Quizzes tool, the Surveys tool, and the Self Assessments tool.

Competency Review

The Competencies tool will enable users to assess learning outcomes and determine whether learners have really acquired the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities. A learning experience will be designed for the client to provide via a flexible competency hierarchy. The Competencies tool tracks information about the knowledge, skills, and abilities that the learners acquire as they participate in courses or other learning experiences.

Comprehensive Reporting

The systems Analytics Essentials provides a useful interface through which clients can create reports detailing system activity. Analytics Essentials enables users to select a wide variety of data to report on and to shape reports through the use of filters and other parameters.

Analytics Essentials provides three different categories of reports:
  1. Class and User Progress Dashboard
  2. Inline Tool Dashboards
  3. Administrative Dashboards

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