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Online Performance Appraisals

ePerformance ensures both managers and staff take maximum benefit from a highly efficient and productive performance appraisal process

Accessible & Mobile

Our easy to use web based system is accessible anywhere in the world with no training required. The system features a responsive design meaning you can use it on any mobile, tablet or desktop device with the layout adapting to the viewing environment instantly.

Reminders & Alerts

Reminder and alerts are an essential part of the ePerformance system keeping all parties involved and in the loop at all times. Email invitations are used start the appraisal process with automated reminders and alerts to ensure its prompt completion. Administrative users can be alerted when key deadlines have been missed.

Time Saving

The appraisal process can often be a time consuming task, our system automates the process and allows questions to be organised into occupation groups with the ability to quickly copy from existing templates, saving even more time for employers.

Template Driven

The Mercury ePerformance system uses templates to guide managers and employees through the entire appraisal process. Choose from a pre-existing range of performance templates with the ability to add, edit or delete questions and criteria easily to shape these to suite your needs.

Streamlined Setup Process

We have streamlined the setup process meaning you can be up and running quickly without having to spend large amounts of time collecting and formatting data. Simply create and edit review templates and you are up and running.

Professional Development

The key objective behind any appraisal is to facilitate professional development. With Mercury’s ePerformance system you can manage and set professional development objectives, goals and KPI’s. The system will assist with identifying areas for improvement and track completion of any objectives.


The system is based on a flexible roles and permissions based structure which only allows users to access data that is relevant to them. All confidential information is securely encrypted and the system conforms to all current best practices

Direct Feedback

Our system ensures that throughout the appraisal process feedback between the employee and employer is readily available. We believe the collaborative appraisal process promotes engagement and betters working relationships.

Comprehensive Reporting

As all actions within the system are logged, full audit reports are available which allow key users to view who is yet to complete their review. Reports can be generated based on the organisation structure so it is easy to identify gaps within a particular department or area. An employee timeline provides a complete overview of his or her performance within the organisation. All reports are easily exported to Microsoft Excel or PDF documents.

Gap Analysis

Our system promotes spending time in ‘face to face’ appraisals focusing on areas where self-assessment and manager assessment show differences. Gap analysis encourages appraisal discussions to evaluate employee performance appropriately.

Mercury ePerformance

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